Partner up as an organization

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Are you an ambassador of Open Hardware in your instituion, a teacher, trainer or researcher that needs to build local capacity around open harwdare development skills?

Then consider joining as a partner

Why join as a partner

Joining as a partner on behalf of an organization institution or university brings several benefits:

Pains we feel we can relieve as a community

  1. You have more projects, activities and ideas than what you can handle on your own.

  2. You need backup from other institutions to showcase the feasibility and relevance of open hardware in science and education in your environment.

  3. You are struggling with a lack of local capacity and/or dedication to tackle hardware related challenges.

Gains of becoming a partner

  1. You take advantage of lessons and resources as well as access to our network of expertise and get more out if it than what you can get on your own.

  2. You can post assignments and projects for potential contributors that want to get through the academy.

  3. You can bring several projects to the programme under the condition that you will be the main contact, chearleader and mentor for these projects.

  4. You get exposed to community learnings and best practices.

  5. You shape the programme so that it becomes effective for you and the rest of the community. This is very important, when you decide to join and take advantage of our network instead of remaining on your own this is a good proof that the programme is being useful to you and others.

  6. You connect and partner up with other organizations, to build consortia for more ambitious goals, possible funding opportunities and dissemination of impactful results.

How does a good partnership look like?

In order for a partnership to be succesfull we value the following:

  • You want to bring projects to the programme. We value these kind of projects because they are part of institutional and long term driven goals.

  • You have expertise related to the domain of knowledge these projects require and/or expertise on open hardware design and development.

  • You want to facilitate that the projects that go through the programme deliver results, and great experiences for learners.

    • By results we mean more reproducible open hardware designs.

    • By great experiences we mean highly inspiring community experiences that motivate learners to embrace the challenges and rewards that open source development brings.

  • You are critical about the programme goals and structure, helping us to keep what works and improve what doesn’t work.

Your role as a partner

Hard requirements

  • Bring at least one project you are willing to coach. A big project can be a group of subprojects, or even an interdisciplinary set of assignments (for example different hardware components). You are allowed to do this.

  • Be a chearleader, coach, mentor for the projects you bring to the course during the 10 week programme.

  • Join as an instituion and participate in the chat of contributors. Here we expect to get feedback on lesson designs and structure, pedagogical related feedback, proposals, etc.

  • Talk about your needs.

  • Participate in the open hardware academy chat by sharing useful resources projects, and engaging in discussions with learners.

  • Encourage learners to break the ice and collaborate.

  • Your organization joins officially and is listed in our partners list.

Things we would like to see but are not mandatory

  • Co-design and post attractive assignments for potential contributors

  • Co-develop with us lessons.

  • Co-host with us seminars and events

Our commitment to support partners

  • We are commited to respond continuously to the feedback and proposals coming from partners.

  • We will maintain the open hardware academy organization, logistics, event and facilitation to make as smooth, welcoming and pragmatic as possible.

  • This implies maintaining the community chat, facilitating and coordinating the development of lessons, as well as the programme activities.

How to join as a partner?