How to participate

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Who can participate?

No matter if you are working on a small or a big project, joining the Open Hardware Academy helps you to understand the mechanics of open and collaborative working. In the 10 weeks you will learn about project management, documentation, community building, prototyping and licenses. By the way, did we tell you it’s free?

Do you have a prototype that works already?

  • If yes, then you are in a good situation to take it to next level. Making it more robust, and openning it to get feedback from others can help you advanced further.

These are our only entry requirements:

  • Spend at least half a day per week on the project. This includes participating in the lectures as well as applying the things you learn at the Open Hardware Academy in your own project, ideally around 8 hours.

  • Bring your own project

About the timezone!

We are based in the Netherlands (CEST timezone), therefore our activities are very influenced by our local schedule. While we are open to participants all over the world, our events like open office hours and seminars might not fit your timezone.

We want anyone to be able to join our Open Hardware Academy, you don’t need to be technically skilled!

What you get in return

  • A certificate of participation

  • Exposure and connections with to interesting persons and organizations

  • Knowledge on Open source hardware

  • Your own open hardware project

Before signing up

Make sure you read the programme details

If it is not clear enough and you have other questions contact us Or leave us a comment bellow at the end of the page

Sign up for the 2nd Edition of the Open Hardware Academy 2023